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Day 2: The Christ & Jardim Botanico

May 27, 2013

This morning we woke up bright & early to head to Cristo Redentor.  I think my husband had been waiting most of his life for this moment, so he was up and ready to go!  I still wanted to sleep in, so we did compromise a bit.  After we want to our new favorite Patisserie for breakfast, we caught a cab over to the Redentor.   I very much love the cab rides in Brasil, they are crazy and fast.  Great for an impatient girl like me.  You can tell when you are approaching a main attraction, there are crowds everywhere…a welcome sight!!  There was a nice waiting area as you had to wait for your designated time to ride the tram.  There were old tram cars and time to kill, so a few photos were in order!





Thew views were amazing and we were lucky the crowds were not too bad.  The temperature was perfect, the weather was perfect, and I wanted to stay up there forever.  Unfortunately the food at the cafe was disgusting, but it did the trick and the view was worth the over priced grilled cheese.



After finishing we decided to head on over to the Jardim Botanico a.k.a the Botanical Gardens.  It was a very quiet place despite being in the middle of the city.


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