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September 28, 2012

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Hindu nuptials of my friend/boss in Detroit.  As a Christian from the midwest, I must admit I have not had a lot of exposure to differing cultural marriage ceremonies, but this wedding was a great introduction!  It was the most amazing wedding I have been to, across any culture.  My friend looked amazing and the festivities were over top in a good way.  I arrived on Saturday, just in time to see the groom arrive on his horse and the dancing in the street.  They blocked off the street and it was a party complete with traveling DJ.  I was ready to get right out there!  Bring on the party!

After the groom’s arrival, there was a slight break then the 2 hour ceremony began.  Props to the bride and groom for their stamina!  The ceremony was a bit odd for me as at a Christian ceremony people sit at attention and don’t move.  In this ceremony people came and went, got coffee, played on their phones, talked.  It was odd.  The only people who did sit at attention were the Westerners.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  They had the ceremony broadcasted onto two screens as it was hard to see what was going on up on the stage.

They threw a fabulous reception complete with trapeeze artists…

Another charming part of the ceremony is that the wedding party spent hours putting on skits and traditional dances for the bride and groom.  It was really sweet and portrayed a wondeful sense of family.  I had a great time with my friends who attended.  I am so very lucky to enjoy getting together with my coworkers and knowing that we are a close group.  I truly enjoy getting to see them and feel very blessed to have such great friends.

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