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Vacation Day One-The Dreaded Travel Day…

September 11, 2012

Every year we go to Colorado with family to enjoy some fun in the mountains.  As we usually go to Glenwood Springs, it is a bit too far to travel by car-as in 17 hours too far, thus always directing us to the plane.  A few days before our flight I come down with “Toddler Flight Syndrome”.  Anyone with young children knows what I am talking about.  It’s the pit in your stomach that forms (mostly called anxiety) leading you to go on an all chocolate diet in the days leading up to your trip to put you into a diabetic coma so you don’t know what is coming for you.  It’s also what causes you to buy a whole new set of books and travel toys with the prayer that your toddler (or two in my case) will not get you thrown onto the runway.  Add on not living near the airport, you have a severe need for Xanax.  SEVERE NEED PEOPLE.  Since our flight was early we ended up getting a hotel near the airport and taking the kids to a pizza/play place and then a park.  I have to say, they had a great time and enjoyed their time on the different rides.

Ainsley’s favorite was using the rubber mallet to hit things–go figure.  🙂

Andrew was all about the ball retrieval…

Our flight was early the next morning and I must admit our kids did really well.  I was very surprised, but United was very kind to us and switched us around so we could have an empty seat in addition to the three purchased.  That helped tremendously as my 14 month old is almost as big as my 3 year old.  Note to self:  Always buy him a seat.  After making it though the flight and an additional 3 hour drive, we finally made it.  The first thing we did is to find a park and let the kids get some energy out.  They have really cute parks in Glenwood, so it ended up being a great rest of the day!

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