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Adoption Update!

August 27, 2011

Yes, here we are 3 years into our adoption with not much new or exciting news.  And will probably be giving the same type of update for the next 3 years, but I am at peace with that aspect of our adoption.  We updated our home study in April and have filed for a THIRD extension for our I-600A.  I sent off our paperwork today, so am very thankful to be done at this point and time.  I used to love paperwork (like I should have been a secretary in another life), but now that I have two kids, I barely have time to shower.  Needless to say, I find the paperwork a bit daunting, but I know very worth it in the end.  I also must give some kudos to USCIS-if you can believe it.  I had some questions, which I emailed and received a response within 24 hours and it was actually a helpful response! Now that is what I call my tax dollars at work!  On the flip side, when I originally sent in my request, they said they didn’t have a record of my file.  Whateves.  I got it all taken care of and it is done.  We are in the non-Hague system under the 600 form and are electing to stay that way.  I sent off a large packet of paperwork today, so we shall see shortly!   If you have any questions (that is if anyone is still reading) about what you need to do to renew you I-600A for a third time, drop me a comment and I would be more than happy to help!

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