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So much to say….

April 2, 2011

Things have been extra super crazy since I last posted, but with two children on the horizon I have a feeling that is going to be the norm.  I will try to start from the beginning, but a lot of it is hazy as I feel like our lives are becoming one big blur. But it’s a good blur, so I am not going to complain.  As far as the newbie to the family, things are going right along.  I am extremely tired, but such is to be expected.  Unfortunately, I don’t have anything in his room which is only painted because someone did it for me.  I am very aware I have committment issues and thus holds true for his room decor.  I have until June 22nd and I am, at this point, hoping he doesn’t come early.

Ainsley is great.  She is a chatter bug.  She can count to 20, knows a lot of her colors, and loves to talk.  Wonder where she got that?  Her favorite game is “Where did it go?”.  She likes to hide something under her arm and ask “Where did it go?!!”.  It’s so cute.  We are working with her letting her know she will be having a brother and seems pretty open to the idea.  I am sure she will be okay with it, until she realizes she has to share her parental time long term.  She loves to use the potty.  We aren’t potty trained at this point, and I don’t really want her to be.  She is only 19 months, we have PLENTY of time.

Work is insane.  I have been frantically trying to tie things up with my impending maternity leave.  I was most recently in Seattle for a conference and I really liked it there.  I have been before, but I was much younger.  Unfortunately, I was not able to see a lot as in between events at the conference I was laying down trying to get my ankles back tot he size of human feet, not that of a hobbit.  I did manage to snap a few photos…

The newest highlight  is my nephew, Hayes. He made his appearance into the world on March 30th and he looks exactly like his daddy.   He is such a cute little baby!!  I just want to squeeze him!!

I think that brings it all up to date!  I have been snapping some photos, I hope to post some very soon!  I hope everyone out in the cyber world is doing well!

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  1. April 3, 2011 1:42 pm

    So great to hear an update and to hear that you’re doing so well!

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