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A few great days!

June 6, 2009

I have been away for meetings most of the week, but these were actually very fun!  We were able to catch a Daughtry concert and see some celebs at one of the big meetings.  As you can see, the meeting in between celeb sightings was very intriguing….

Kim paying close attention..

Kim paying close attention..

I can’t say too much….I might have dozed off myself a few times…it was very warm in there toward the end.   That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.  In the end it was a great time, we saw Ben Stiller, Daughtry, Michael Jordan, Miley Cyrus (who is surprisingly good in concert), Gene Simmons, Kris Allen, and some Latin Pop singer.  My co-workers also threw me a surprise shower.  I knew they were acting kind of bizarre the day they were trying to pull it off, but more about that later.  I will wait until I get the pictures.  You will see what I mean….they are the best kind of crazy.  I often wonder what I did to deserve such great co-workers who I can honestly call true friends.   God is good!

Double chin, Rich, & Gwen

Double chin, Rich, & Kim



Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus



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  1. Melissa permalink
    June 6, 2009 11:19 pm

    Getting paid to see celebrities, that is some swanky job you have!

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