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Plan B.

April 29, 2009

So I planned on starting the retro goodness this week and realized that the only retro pics I have with me here date back to 2003.  What good is that?    I will be picking up my ammo this weekend.  So I will post enough just to laugh at, but we are going with Plan B–the ever steadfast…adoption update.   I heard via email from our agency that our documents are now being translated.  Yippee!!!!   I am happy even with the slightest progress.  We did recieve some bizarre documents in the mail that we have to complete, mostly in Spanish, I might add, but it can’t be worse than thinking you lost a document that you didn’t and waiting for it for an additional two weeks or finding out that you needed fingerprints you don’t have that should have been done 4 weeks earlier.  Or can it?  Whatever the case, it is winding down to the final waiting period, until renewal, which makes me SMILE! 🙂  Such as below….

new-orleans-12803-0041  new-orleans-12803-005

The king and queen in New Orleans, 2003

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