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The prank is on me!

February 8, 2009

Well, it looks as if we won’t be able to start the house this week after all as it is supposed to rain/storm/snow most days this week.  Who is lovin’ the weather now, eh?  Still me.  Life goes on, sometimes you just have to take the crap with the cream!  This weekend was super relaxing as I pretty much did–NOTHING!   We met with two sets of friends on Saturday, which was very enjoyable.  I actually felt like I have a social life.  Kind of bizarre.  They showed the house two times this weekend, which was also a plus.  I do think it is hilarious as I left all week so I didn’t have to deal with keeping it clean and they show it the one day this week that I was home–twice.  Oh well, not going to complain, just feel like I was in an Alanis Morissette song.  What did she see in Uncle Joey anyway?  I am feeling the need for some excitement in my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I have so much going on that I can’t even believe it, but I think I need a vacation.  Or some kids.  Something to keep me occupied.  We shall see.  I think it is interesting in the midst of chaos, you can still be bored.  I guess that you get tired of making house choices and thinking about moving all the time and need some sense of normalcy.  What is normal anyway…..I have been pondering that question and trying to remember back to a time in my life that I defined as normal.  Can’t really recall it.  Not college…very fun…but very stressful…6 years of stressful.  Being married I think in our second and third year I would define as normal.  We went to work and came home.  Is that normal or mundane?  I have come to realize that I can’t just work and come home.  I have too much ADD.  I hop from one thing to another, but sometimes not completing things I started.  Hmmm……yes, just need a vacay for the end of winter slump! 🙂

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