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And the beat goes on…

January 17, 2009

Some days I feel like my life is a broken record.  It is a great record, one I keep playing over and over again, but sometimes makes you want to throw the record player out the window.  Because it keeps skipping like Groundhog Day.  I wake up day after day and still have a housing issue that does not progress.  But fear not my dear friends, we are getting closer and closer!  And life is about to get a little more interesting.  Love it.  We met with a contractor this weekend while at the farm and it appears that we are back on track to build a  house.  He estimated it would take 4 months to build a house, so that is the route I think we are going to go.  We definitely would prefer to buy, but since there is NOTHING to buy, we are going to forge ahead immediately.  I actually looked at a house today where the garage had been converted to an extra wing on the house.  The problem you ask?  Well, the add on was country lovin’ while the original house was a 50’s modern decor.  So I guess that might equate to ……Graceland!!!!!  We were going to wait the market out until March, but our house could be half way done by then and I very seriously doubt something will come available that I can live with.  Whatever house we bought, we were going to have to make renovations to anyway and right now, honestly, it is super cheap to build.  Not to mention the interest rates.  So that is probably our final decision–check back next week.  In other mundane news, I made it through our meetings all week without having a narcoleptic fit, so that is a bonus.  It was great to see everyone as we are all spread across the country.  Other than that, life is pretty boring but hectic right now–if that makes sense.  I am planning another spring vacation, so that gives me something to do.  It seems like I can’t properly function without piling at least 10 tasks on my plate at one time.  Oh well, preparation for motherhood!

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  1. Laura & Andres permalink
    January 17, 2009 10:19 pm

    I have friends who have just built or are building at things are getting built quickly right now…so maybe it won’t even take that long! So many crews are looking for work they are able to have extra people on the job. Hopefully yours will be fast too! Good luck.

  2. Lindsey permalink
    January 18, 2009 10:20 pm

    Good to here your going to build!! sooo what happen to that phone call thursday?? im thinking about you!! so call!! lol

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