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Week 1: Check.

January 3, 2009

This was the first full week I spent down at the farm since my husband started his new job, hence, my lack of blogging.  We do have an internet connection, but it is not as good or accessible as our house.  The week started out normal enough and ended as normal as it could–if you call me fleeing the scene at 3am on Friday morning.  We transplanted our cat, which went better than expected.  I think he might like the farm better than subdivision living as he ran around all day, turned up about 8pm, then stayed inside all night long.  He was much better behaved, maybe there is some hope for my bipolar feline.  I can’t say that we rang in 2009 with a bag as previous years–like the one we spent in Times Square on New Years in 2007.  It was FABULOUS!  I think we were asleep by 9pm this year.  Party on Garth.  On the house search front, it is not going so well.  We have had a few things come up that lead us to believe it is going to be better to buy a house than build one.  Mainly my mental state.  I can’t live without a house for very long and we can’t find something to rent on a month to month basis.  That is a month to month basis without the option to rent hour to hour–if you get my drift.  So we have begun the search for something that we can remotely stand to live in, and we have found nothing.  I called a realtor and asked him if there we listings that just weren’t on the internet and he proceeded to give me other listings that were not so “fancy” (his word)-gee, thanks.  I started praying.   We are hoping that something will come on the market in the spring, if not, well…I don’t really want to think about it.  But, in all this I will find my strength in God and take one step at a time.  This is definitely one of the more hectic times that we have had since college, but I guess it will just prepare me for kids!  I leave you with some pics from when we actually did something on New Years.  Happy New Year! 🙂


On our way to the Statue of Liberty


Times Square, NYE


The big count down! Happy New Year

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