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How goes the house….

December 5, 2008

well, I am still living in a sterile environment, so that should answer your question.  BUT, I did have two people view the house today, which is two more than I thought would view the house the whole month.  I would assume that most people would not be looking for a house during the holidays unless they have to.  Who gets a house for Christmas?  Only someone who absolutely needs it….from moving….like me.  Which brings me to my second point, what are we going to do for a house when we move.  Good question.  We haven’t sorted that out yet.  We are thinking of building, but may have a few things that preclude us from doing so…stay tuned for that situation.  On a different note, one of the photos that I took while on vacay in New Zealand was included in the latest Schmap travel guide for the North Island of New Zealand.  If you are interested, follow this link.  It is a picture of the B/B where we stayed, Peace & Plenty Inn.  About a month ago I was emailed that I was put on the “short list”-by that I am assuming they meant the 1 photo long list-for inclusion in their publication.  At any rate, I am taking it as a complement that they at least liked the photo enough to put it in their publication, instead of just passing it by.  So I guess that technically I am a published photographer. Woo.  Aren’t I a pimp.

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  1. December 8, 2008 10:48 am

    Congrats on becoming a published photographer! Its pretty cool accomplishment. We sold a condo in Charlotte at the holidays a few years ago. Had someone come see it on Dec 28th (actually 2 different people) and one made an offer and we closed 3 weeks later. Good thing because we had just (on the 27th) closed on our new house in Atlanta. So good luck…and it can happen.

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