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Weekend Wrap Up!

November 2, 2008

Yes, I am barely alive.  We worked all weekend to get the house ready for the realtor who comes tomorrow and it is still not finished.  I am not so concerned, it looks good enough-for now.  I will still be working on it for a while.  We are hoping to get our house on the market at the first of next week.  That will give us an extra week to binge and purge.  I know everyone does this, but when we were painting, cleaning, scouring, and purging, we asked ourselves why didn’t we do this sooner.  I mean, did we really live like pigs?  I consider myself to be a very clean, hygienic person and I am still amazed at what I find at times.  Ugh.  So what has all this mayhem taught me?  If I can give my own piece of moving advice–START NOW!  Don’t wait until 2 weeks before you want it on the market, start a year before.  I know that not everyone has the luxury of knowing that they will be moving (such as our situation), but clean and purge like you are moving tomorrow.  Or it will be an ugly situation on your mind, body, and spirit.  To complicate matters we had made it to Sunday evening without incident and my husband was mowing the lawn when a rock somehow came out from under the mower, which proceeded to shatter one of our windows in our car.  Lovely.  I felt very bad for him.  It had been a very tiring weekend, that ended with a bang for sure!  Oh well, what do you do!  I did manage to get away to a etiquette tea party this weekend, where I gave a brief etiquette lesson on the art of serving tea.  It was fun!  No pictures to post this weekend, it is probably best.  I was not looking like a rock star, but I was painting & cleaning like their maids on a tour bus!!

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