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Facial Obsessions.

October 16, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!  This is my last week of being out of town for a while!!  I am so excited!  I am finally at the end.  I am unhappy to report my stubborn streak would not allow me to slow down, so I did have to resort to antibiotics to treat my sinus/allergy/chest swampitis.  While I felt much better over the weekend, I quickly got worse on Tuesday, so I decided it was time to give up the ghost.  I had to give into the drugs.  I am happy to report it was a good decision, but still do not feel 100% and now am almost completely without a voice, even a week later.  BUT, even through my sickness, I managed to find a new beauty obsession.  My friend Stacey introduced me to eyebrow threading.  At this point it should be stated that I LOVE having my face “worked” on.  Facials, waxing, digging, picking…I am all over it when it comes to my face.  I can now add threading to my list of facial loves.  Although it is not new technique, it is new to me.  It is where the person “plucking” your eyebrows uses sewing thread to shape your eyebrows.  I actually like it better than waxing as it leaves your eyebrows more shapely then waxing.  I have posted a short video of it here.  I leave you with one of the funnier pictures from the photo shoot I spoke of a while back when I was at one of my meetings.  Hello Charlie!!!!

Charlie's Angels

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  1. October 17, 2008 11:36 am

    I tried the threading a few years back. She did my whole face…nothing like the feeling of being a complete hairball.

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