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Weekend Wrap Up…

October 12, 2008

What started as a crazy weekend, actually ended very restful.  It is what I have been needing for a while.  When I arrived back into Missouri on Thursday, I realized I had brought an unwanted souvenir with me–some sort of swamp allergy induced sinus issue.  That is the best I can describe it, and yes that is my professional medical opinion.  When I visited New Orleans a few years ago I came back sick, and the same happened this time.  I know what you are thinking–too much Bourbon Street.  Um, no.  I started feeling horrible on Tuesday, and it progressed from there.  On Thursday I was so sick, that I slept for four hours when I got home.  I had a meeting on Friday, that I only attended for about one hour before having to give up the ghost.  I felt somewhat better on Friday evening (after another 3 hour nap), so decided to brave the pumpkin patch.  I arrived with my friend to the pumpkin patch on Saturday, but it was short lived.  I realized I didn’t feel as well as I thought, and another complication–no voice.  I am not that much help without a voice.  So my loving husband packed it in early and brought me home where we rested and enjoyed each others company for the first time in what seemed like too long.  Things have been so hectic lately, it felt soooo good to just be together.  We went to church on Sunday, then I napped yet again–still no sign of the vocal cords–while he did some yard work all afternoon.  What a great guy!   I finished some work related issues, then we just rode the weekend out into the week.  Exactly what the doctor ordered!

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  1. October 15, 2008 10:09 pm

    Hope you are feeling better! Sometimes quiet weekends are just what the doctor orders! Hope you all are good…Go Pumpkin Time!

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