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I’m baaaack!

October 1, 2008

Notice a recurring theme?  This will probably be a once a week motto for the next three weeks.  I was in Arkansas for meetings Sunday through Wednesday of this week, and as usual–it is great to be home!!!  We had a great time, but I am always ready to go home!  Our meetings were actually fun this time.  We toured some new pharmacy technology and had a photo shoot because they are needing some fresh faces for their literature.  We also took some super fun pictures.  I will publish them here when I get them.  They are FUN-NY!  Other than that, it was a great time with some friends and very informational.  Unfortunately, that means very little sleep, so I am super tired, but yet no time to relax.  I know, you are thinking…”Wait until you have a child!”.  Speaking of, no news on the adoption front.  I am hoping very soon, but I am taking all the advice of my wonderful friends who have posted suggestions to help me pass the time.  I have started the organic thing, but that is super hard when I travel.  So I am going to ease into it.  We are now doing the milk and eggs, and are picking up our meat from the farm this weekend.  So far my husband has been a great sport and actually likes most of the changes.  I hope the trend continues!!!!!!

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  1. Princess Consuela B.H. permalink
    October 4, 2008 10:51 pm

    I’d like to find more organic meat, so if you ever hear anything local, let me know.

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