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September 14, 2008

We had such a great day today!  Our church hosted an adoption lunch for couples who have adopted, are thinking of adoption, or are adopted themselves.  It was nice to see such a large turnout and testimony about how adoption has touched their lives.  It was also great to meet some of the adopted children in our church, it made it all so real, even though it is far away.  It must be noted that I usually an not so fond of large groups of kids, all the screaming, crying, running around like a maniacs–but today it did not phase me at all.  I actually felt very comfortable, relaxed, and enjoyed our time–it just reaffirmed our decision.  Not that I was concerned, but it is nice to find a situation with masses of children where I do not feel like I am in a bad movie trapped in the land of the little people.  After stuffing ourselves with Italian food, we made our way back to take in some Sunday afternoon football, we LOVE lounging around on Sunday watching football.  Another favorite pastime that is of limited life with impending parenthood. 🙂  I am learning to enjoy the little things……We then went to our good friend’s house and made a pumpkin delivery, tis the season………..

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  1. Princess Consuela B.H. permalink
    September 16, 2008 5:13 pm

    This sounds so awesome! I’m glad the church does this. What a great ministry.

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