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Day 1 or is it Day 2?

August 24, 2008

Needless to say I am totally confused about what day it is.  It is Sunday evening in Auckland as I type this, but I think it is Saturday evening about midnight in the US.   Our flight was actually pretty good.   As good as it can be when you are flying a total of 18 hours.  Our flight out of Chicago was only delayed one hour.  My philosophy is that when your flight out of Chicago is only delayed an hour-it’s a good day.  We arrived at LAX and left on time 9:05pm!   We get on the plane and take off, then about 1 hour into the flight they announce they are serving a late dinner.  Late alright-10:30 west coast, 12:30 CST.  Like I want fish or chicken at midnight.  Or should I say feeeeeesh or chickeeeen.  Lovely little accents.  After refusing what smelled like rotten food, we settled in for the 13 hour flight.  Believe it or not–we slept 9 of those hours.  We woke up and what do ya know-2 hours left!  Then came the second round of rotten food.   By that time I had decided to force myself to try it since I estimated it had been a good 15 hours since I had eaten anything-not that I was expending much energy with my 9 hours of sleep.  Half way through the breakfast service we hit turbulence.  While it was quite bad turbulence, as the breakfast service was terminated for good, I think that was a blessing in disguise for those who had not had the pleasure of smelling/tasting the rubber egg (?) & mushroom (?) quiche with a warm tomato wedge.  They need to consider themselves lucky.  I will say, in all Quantas is a super great airline.  So friendly, they give you lots of snacks that are actually good, like the applesauce cookies I am eating now.  I would fly them any time I had the chance, just make sure to eat before you get on the plane-as with all airlines. 

We arrived in Auckland at about 5am, cleared customs, then met the driver from the bed and breakfast about 6.  We arrived at Peace & Plenty at about 6:30.  Judy, the host, was nice enough to let us check into another room that was available so we could freshen up before breakfast.  The rooms are very European, but nice.  The bed is heated.  Love it.  We had a great breakfast of bacon and eggs, then we were off!  Yes, it was only 9:00 am.  We came off a 13 hour flight, slept for one hour, then hit the ground running.   Say hello to the vacation nazis.  This is the point that things got a little, shal we say, wet.  I guess that Auckland is in the middle of a rain plethora.  Like it has rained every day for the last 2 months, with four dry days.  Not only was it raining, it was monsooning (is that a word?).  Sheets of rain coming from every direction, with high winds to match.  Did I mention it was cold?  We set out anyway.  Remember…vacation nazis.  After being drenched and ruining one umbrella due to high winds, we made our way to the Auckland museum looking like two disheveled Americans.  The museum was interesting.  It had Maori culture and artifacts from early New Zealand.  The rain did break after a while, so we headed back to the island of Devonport where we are staying and had lunch at a sidewalk cafe.  I love sidewalk cafes-one of my favorite vacation past times.  Drink coffee and analyze the locals.  Who, BTW, are SUPER friendly-and laid back.  We then went on a walking tour of Devonport and hiked to an extincted volcano.  It looked like it was extinct a long time ago, but had great panoramic views.  After walking miles and miles, we were finally tired.  We headed back to the B & B just in time for the second round of storms to break loose.  It’s all good, as long as they stop before the morning!  I have places to see and pictures to take!

Editors note:  Our internet connection is really bad, making it very difficult to upload pictures.  I am uploading them to our Flickr account when the internet is not feeling anal.  I hope to have more up soon!

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  1. August 24, 2008 11:33 am

    If there’s one thing I remember about traveling in New Zealand it’s that it rained. All the time. I think it comes with the territory, my dear!
    Have a fantastic trip!

  2. August 24, 2008 9:57 pm

    Happy Vacation!!!
    Enjoy every minute of it…rain or shine 😉

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