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Weekend Reflection

August 17, 2008

We made it back!  It was a fun weekend, it is always great to see family that you don’t see often.  We just relaxed and participated in my favorite past time.  EATING!  I love food.  I think it was also good for me to get away this weekend so I didn’t just run around the house like a chicken with my head cut off, neurotically checking things off the list to do before vacation-4 days-then adding another task to the end of the list.  I equivocate the situation to be similar to a mouse running on the wheel in his cage.  The drive back was even relaxing, I must have had extra chocolate today.  I am in a bizarrely calm mood, considering the massive list I made on my blog just 2 days ago.  I supposedly pick up the finished product of our psych eval tomorrow.  I have faith in this guy that it will happen.  I gave him the *warning* before I gave him the check, but after he was done assessing me.   He said that he expects to have it done Monday, unless something happens.  I told him that I will be fine up until Wednesday, then he probably won’t want to take my calls.   Wonder if that will turn up in my evaluation?  Controlling AND demanding.  🙂 

On a very sad note, my friend who was in a coma passed away on Saturday morning.  I am happy that she is in a better place, but feel for her family and friends.  Death is always something that has been hard for me to grasp.  One day you are on the way home from work, then it is all over in an instant.  I know that there is a reason for everything, but that doesn’t necessarily ease the pain, especially for her parents or her spouse.  I wish them strength and peace during these trying times.

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