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Tell me about your childhood…

August 15, 2008

You guessed it–the famed psych eval was today.  I never really thought I would have one of those in my life, but you never think you will do a lot of things.  The day started mundane enough, but then we got lost on the way to the psychologists office.  It was in the same building as some dentists, but not marked on the outside as such.  You know dental hygiene and psychiatry–one in the same?  So we made it, albeit late.  Which I hate.  I am on time almost to a fault.  I have been told that will change with children.  We were interviewed together, then separately, then administered a personality test.  The psychologist was very nice.  He wasn’t real intrusive.  I did feel bad because when he asked why we were there, a loaded question IMO, I said because it is a requirement.  Looking back, maybe I should have said it is to discover more about myself.  But honestly, I have *discovered myself* way too many times during this process.  I am sooo over it.  The personality test was interesting.  They asked the same questions in a different format for most of the test–all 360 of them.  Then there was my personal favorite.  True of False:  Your favorite sport to watch on TV is high jump and you like to collect stamps.  Or even better, You get annoyed when you receive junk mail.  You can defiantly tell that some of the questions are geared to find out if you are narcissistic (a.k.a. John Edwards syndrome), a random idiot on the edge at all times, or that you like to sit alone and cry–and drink.  It was a very sad test.  It will be interesting to see the results.  Will I be classified as a random narcissist who likes to drink alone while watching the high jump and collecting stamps?!?  I am going with no.  Hopefully I did not get off a line when answering my true/false questions.  You know the excuse I am talking about.  It is how you explain away a bad ACT score to your friends–“I got off a line”–yeah right.  After our soul searching we had lunch at Maria’s downtown.  They have great fried tacos.  I love them.  Unfortunately, my brown fat loves them too, so much that they stick with me.  Oh well!  We then left for Topeka, KS which is where we will be all weekend for a family reunion.  Hopefully I will have some funny pictures to post!

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  1. Regina permalink
    August 15, 2008 10:30 pm

    On time almost to fault? I respectfully disagree. We see you sneaking in the balcony at church late–all the time! Not saying we are any better, because we certainly are not.

    I wish I could have a psych eval. I want to know a professional’s opinion! Maybe then I could blame my crazy behavior on a biological flaw instead of just an unfortunate character trait.

    Drive safely back. Call if you are bored.

  2. August 15, 2008 10:38 pm

    We didn’t have to do a psych eval… is that a Colombia thing? Hmm…
    I like that you have to enjoy high jump AND stamp collection. Not one or the other. Because naturally they go together…

  3. live2roam permalink
    August 17, 2008 9:42 pm


    You are right about church. Need to work on that.


    Yes, unfortunately it is a Colombia thing. Grrrr. One more step!!!

  4. Mark permalink
    August 19, 2008 10:08 am

    Our psych eval was WEIRD. The guy’s office was actually an apartment (according to the name plate on the door, he shared it with Carol King but we didn’t see her). There was no AC, so we sat there sweating like hogs the entire time. There was also very little furniture: no desk chair, no filing cabinets, no coffee table. He was actually sitting on the floor when we walked in. Also, his diplomas were a little vague and hard to make out. The worst part was that his speaking voice reminded us of the boss in the movie Office Space; “Um, Yeaaahhhhhh……let’s talk about……….loss. ” We just tried not to laugh and we got through it. It all worked out and we were pleased with what he wrote.

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