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Craziness Ensues.

August 14, 2008

I know their comes a time right before vacation, when it feels like everything breaks loose–and we are right in the midst of that time.  Work is starting to become insane, our adoption is becoming insane, & our life is becoming insane.  Maybe this all happens to make you look forward to vacation more.  I dunno.  I was in Edwardsville, IL during the past 24 hours for the diversity event, it was really good.  The speaker was engaging and knowledgeable.  I didn’t have to break out any caffeinated sugar–a.k.a…chocolate.  We also received our authorization to get our fingerprints.  I will say that it only took a week to get our authorization.  Mildly impressive.  Note to all 171H or whatever they are now goers:  THE KC OFFICE ONLY DOES FINGERPRINTING FOR ADOPTIONS ON WEDNESDAY.  That is what our paper says, so maybe that is why we couldn’t get fingerprinted when we went up–it was Thursday.  So what is contributing to my OCD flare up?  Well….

First, our adoption.  We are so close to getting our information into our agency to be sent to Colombia but unfortunately, not before vacation.  We also can’t make it up to KC for fingerprinting before vacation.  While these are not bad issues, I want to be stress free “down under”. 

Second, my job.  I love my job.  I deal with people all day long and I am a people person–I think.  Part of my job is to be on pharmacy campuses-mostly in the fall and spring.  Before I go on vacation, I will set up a number of dinners, commit to a number of donations, clear out my 60 emails, return 10 voicemails, make a trip to Little Rock, and give a presentation.  Keep in mind, there are 5 working days before I leave.

Third, my life.  I love my life.  I would not ever trade my life–but it is wearing me down right now.  My friend was in a serious car accident yesterday–she is in a coma.  I have a family reunion this weekend in KC (in addition to the above travels), I have a psyc eval tomorrow (could actually be filed under adoption), my trip is not finished yet, I have so much laundry I can’t walk into the laundry room, and my house is a mess.  I have a HUGE HUGE HUGE issue with leaving my house in a mess before vacation.  Almost to the point, where it could drive me mad.  Keep in mind I have 3 days at home (including eveings) before I leave.  Did I mention we aren’t packed?

Am I having a panic attack?  Probably.  Am I OCD about the above things? Definately.  Will I get over it when the plane leaves the airport (minus my friend’s condition)?  Absolutely.  Until then all bets are off.  😉

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  1. August 14, 2008 10:22 pm

    Just breathe. 🙂

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