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July 16, 2008

We received an email from our SW at our agency with the revisions for our home study.  It was stated that our HS agency needed to expand on our decision to adopt-we actually wrote an extensive background on this that didn’t make the final cut.  Funny how that was on my mind yesterday (see previous post)…..  I am actually really liking our agency, I am feeling a competency vibe!  It is important to note that Colombia is a country who is VERY interested in your motivation to adopt.  They take a lot of time and thought in placing the *right* child with the *right* family.  Still, one step closer to our child!  Hopefully I will be driving my sorry behind to USCIS in KC soon!  On a different note, I am making progress on the New Zealand portion of our trip.  I have booked a stay at Peace & Plenty Inn on the island of Devonport in Auckland AND at the Abseil Inn in Waitomo.  Only 36 more days…

Jer being a tourist, Edinburgh, Scotland 2006

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